Handsome Profiles

Sep 3, 2013

Göreme, Nevşehir, Turkey

I was sitting on a cafe patio drinking my Turkish coffee and writing postcards to friends and family back home when this man approached me. He commented that he was impressed that I wrote so many post cards in the digital age. We chatted very briefly about his time in New York and San Francisco, and he asked me if I would join him when I had finished with my correspondence. I said I would.

After some time, I laid down my pen, paid my bill, and went to his table. It was there that I learned that he received his education in Scandinavia, then taught there for twenty years, and is now enjoying retirement on cafe patios back in his hometown. This facilitates his greatest wish: “I want everyone to meet good people, to talk freely, that is all.”

After describing his background, Yüksel got a sparkle in his eye and asked me if I knew much about healing. I told him that I knew some, but that I didn’t practice anything like Reiki or massage. He told me that I am strong and sensitive just before pinpointing my exact physical and mental health problems. Here we had talked for maybe 15 minutes and he knew more about my deepest issues than most of my friends and family do. My head was spinning. How could this guy have known all of these things about me?

I started to close off to him a bit, as I was scared by what he had just revealed to me. He could sense that and suggested that we meet tomorrow morning at the same place so that he could show me his home after we drink some coffee or çay. I agreed.

After all, as Yüksel taught me this afternoon, “If we have one window, all we see is the west or east or north or south. We need open windows in all directions. We need more windows everywhere in life.”

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